Rafinad (Reliable Agency of FINancial ADvertising) - a new affiliate network aimed at financial offers. The project is a part of a large structure with expertise in CPA.

About the project

Participating in the project from its inception, basically creating from scratch, is a special pleasure and an honorable mission for us. Rafinad is exactly that kind of project. We not only created the logo, but also took part in developing the business name.


Brand Identity & naming for Rafinad


To develop an interesting, yet simple and memorable logo, which can be used as a basis for the overall visual concept of the site and marketing materials. 

The name of the company in the Russian version coincides with the name of the sugar cube, so the sugar cube image formed the basis of the logo concept.

In the course of our work, we went through several dozens of ideas and their variations: from abstract and alphabetic to complex, such as a frozen bill in a sugar crystal.

Logo variations

No matter how much we tried to get away from the image of the raffinade cube, the client constantly insisted on going back to it. But there was always something missing.

In another iteration, a solution was found - a small wedge turned two pieces of sugar into an image of a "r".

Rafinad logo design

Then we developed a multi-page guide to working with the logo, which helps to work properly with the visual component of the brand.


Logo guideline

Logo in real life

The created logo was the basis for merchandise, branded products and company documentation.


Logo and corporate identity
Brand documentation
Branded cup
Branded badge
Branded car
Logotype on a T-shirt


When designing the interface for the service, our designers took the colors of the logo as a basis. Also we added the logo itself to the design - it flawlessly fits into the interface.


Rafinad UI design
Rafinad user interface design
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