GdeZHK? (in Russian it sounds like "Where's the Housing Estate?") - a real estate portal whose main specialization is new buildings. 


Initially, the client turned to us for a website design. The project has not yet had a logo or name. Therefore, together with the site design, we offered several options for the name of the project and began to develop a logo.

Logo design for online real estate portal

How did we work

There are quite a few projects like "GdeZHK?", so we decided to see what other companies' logos look like. Among the analogues singled out large real estate services such as DomKlik, N1, Yandex.Nedvizhimost and real estate companies of various scales.

All found logos can be divided into two categories: text logos and logos with "houses". 

Other company logos

When the analysis of the analogues was finished, we collected the moodboard from the images about new buildings, settling in new housing, getting the keys to the house.


The created selection reflected the ideas of comfort, warmth and home comfort. We even decided to make a logo in a warm color range, but it turned out that our designers have prepared a website in business style, the design of which has already been agreed by the client. 

So the image of coziness has changed to business, with a dominant blue and dark gray color.

Metaphor search

The idea of the logo came almost immediately, or rather there were two:

  1. Searching for a home with a magnifying glass (classic Internet search icon).
  2. The question mark of "Where is the Housing Estate?".

These ideas took on different metamorphoses: a house in a magnifying glass, a question mark as a key to a new apartment.

Logo design

As a result, the client chose a simple graphic symbol - a magnifying glass silhouette with a house.

Logo for real estate portal
Ballpoint pens

The developed logo blends in well with the finished design of the site, for which our designers have made many screens for layout and adaptation to different resolutions.

Website design
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