Gdeslon is an CPA Affiliate Network specialized in e-commerce, it links advertisers and publishers.


The task was set to make a redesign for the brand, its website and user interface.

Logo design for CPA Affiliate Network
Logo design process
Brand identity
Logo and Merch - gdeslon
Branded car
Logotype for СРА-network
Corporate design and corporate identity
Corporate identity creation
Use of corporate identity elements
Typography design


The old logo was more like an illustration of an elephant and had many different colors, with domination of grey and dark blue.
We created the new brand sign in a simplified style and pure blue colors, associated with trust and security.


Color palette
Gdeslon color palette

Website and User Interface design

In this case we had to save the basic UX without complete changing, so we concentrated on the visual performance.

Website Design
User interface design
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