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ADVGame is a CPA platform for promoting online games. Since the launch of the site ADVGame has taken its niche and became popular among webmasters and advertisers. 


Our task was to update elements of visual communication with webmasters and advertisers.
We began with the corporate identity of ADVGame. 


ADVGame logo and corporate identity development

Searching for Representation

We have worked on more than 15 metaphors describing the meaning of the ADVGame platform: from Pac‑Man to UFOs. 
Ultimately, the main metaphor for the logo became the Tetris game block as a reference to the gaming industry. 


Searching for Representation

Searching for the True Shape

Searching for the True Shape

We started looking for the shape of the sign with soft and plastic versions. Through two or three approaches we got to more brutal and severed.

ADVgame logo design

Color palette

We decided not to give up the palette of the previous version of the corporate identity. We chose two main colors and one additional one. We updated the colors, made them juicier, brighter and more contrasting.

Color palette


The main requirements for the font are the high quality user experience while working with different content in the web and equal elaboration of Cyrillic and Latin symbols. We stopped at the Inter Font Family.



The developed identity looks great in different communicative cases.

ADVGame corporate identity
Brand identity
Logo and Merch
Corporate identity design
Branded Souvenirs



As a next step, we have completely redesigned the landing page, advertiser and webmaster user account interfaces.


Corporate identity elements on the site - ADVGame
Brand Identity and Website Design - ADVGame
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